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Leicestershire is now in national lockdown – here’s the latest information on our services. You can find more information about restrictions at

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School transport for 16 to 19 year olds

Your child may be able to get assistance (with school transport) to go to sixth form or college in the form of a fixed term grant.

On a low income

You may be entitled to a fixed grant if your child meets the eligibility criteria and you get one of the following benefits:

How to apply

Post 16 students have to apply each academic year for the fixed grant

Apply for school or college transport

Apply online

Choose ‘yes’ for the question ‘Are you applying for the grant under low income’. We will assess your eligibility and will contact you separately to obtain evidence of your low income entitlement. The closing date for applications is 5 June 2020.

Further information

For further information, please see the Home to School / College Transport Policy and Statement.

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