Coronavirus - school information

Schools have been working hard to support the wellbeing of children and young people during the pandemic and the changing situation that we find ourselves in. We also recognise the pressures on parents and carers at this time. Many of you will be juggling home working with home schooling and very few trained teachers would find it easy to work with their own children.

Be kind to yourself - schools are telling us that they recognise that parents are doing their best and supporting their children at home. Not all approaches will be suitable for all children. So don’t worry if another child in another school is learning in a different way. Some schools are teaching live lessons, others are recording lessons and some set tasks to be completed; schools and teachers have opted for the most suitable approach for their children and young people.

Sometimes things do go wrong - issues accessing online work can happen to anyone. Contact your child's school if there's a problem and they will support you. They will probably have already helped someone else with the same issue. 

Learning isn’t about instant success – mistakes are valuable as they teach us a lot about ourselves and a subject. Try not to worry if your child makes mistakes, this happens at school all of the time, lessons would be over very quickly if everyone got everything correct on their first try. The important thing is to support your child as they do their best. If your child becomes worried about their work, get in touch with their teacher who is there to help. 

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