Leicestershire Children and Families Partnership

Leicestershire Children and Families Partnership is made up of senior leaders from key agencies across Leicestershire that work with children, young people and their families.

Thinking of fostering
 Children and Families Partnership

It aims to champion effective partnership working, enabling agencies to recognise shared priorities and to work together better to deliver outcomes that make a real difference.

The Partnership Vision

Children and young people in Leicestershire are safe and living in families where they can achieve their full potential.

A partnership approach where the child and family is at the forefront of all thinking and action, duplication is removed and seamless service delivery is achieved as our ultimate goal.


If we all work together on shared priorities we believe that we can make the difference that is needed.


Children and Families Partnership Plan: Our Children – Our Future

The partnership aims to achieve its vision through the development and oversight of an integrated plan that will deliver the priority outcomes in Leicestershire’s Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (link to strategy) that relate to children and young people:

  • Ensure the best start in life
  • Safe and free from harm
  • Support families to be resilient and self-sufficient
  • Ensure vulnerable families receive personalised, integrated care & support
  • Enable children to have good physical and mental health

*Partners include:

  • Leicestershire County Council
  • District councils
  • NHS health partners
  • Leicestershire Police
  • Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner
  • Schools
  • Probation Service
  • Department of Work and Pensions
  • The voluntary sector


School readiness

The partnership has been working to develop a shared view of school readiness. More information and resources.