Our special school stories

Our schools support so many families. Here we’ve captured some of their stories.

My daughter has just started at Maplewell and is settling in really well. She is thriving in the calmer space, with room to take herself away if she’s feeling anxious.

The staff have been brilliant. Their professional support has made a massive difference.

My daughter has always got a tale to tell at the end of the day. She’s very positive about school – which has been a huge turnaround.

My daughter really struggled before she came to this school. She wasn’t able to speak – and within a year she was talking.  It really is a special environment with everything that you’d need. She doesn’t want to leave – she’s asking to do a work placement here!

Since coming here my son is moved forward academically and emotionally – it’s one of the best schools. He’s doing things that we just didn’t think possible. Last month he completed a level one maths paper and he’s so proud of it – he talks about it all the time.