Housing for learning and physically disabled people

Types of housing

The type of housing you can get will depend on what help you need with day-to-day living and what you can afford.

In your own home

You can live:

  • with other family members
  • with friends
  • in a home you own
  • in a home you rent

You can get the support you need to live in your own home. This is called ‘supported living’.

Renting your own home

Council and housing association homes

You can apply for council housing or a housing association home through your local district council's choice based lettings portal. You will find a link on your district council website. You can only apply for housing in your district council area.

If you live in Leicester, you can apply for council housing through Leicester City Council.

Renting from a landlord

Search Homefinder for flats and houses to rent from private landlords throughout Leicestershire (including Leicester City).

Paying your rent

You may be able to claim Housing Benefit to help you pay your rent.

You claim Housing Benefit from your district or city council.

You may also be able to get other benefits to help you with your living costs.

Living in someone else’s home

You can live locally with another family and get help from a carer. This is called a ‘shared lives placement’.

Residential care home

Residential care homes can provide support for older and younger people with a range of conditions. This may be an option for you if you have complex needs and you require care during the day and night.

Choosing the best place to live

Our choosing the best place to live page includes other types of housing you might want to think about.