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A young adult in a wheelchair

Becoming an adult has many challenges. We offer advice and support on a range of topics to help with this.

  • Becoming an adult - how our help changes 

    The help you get from us will usually change when you reach 18 years old. You’ll get help from Adult Social Care instead of Children’s Services. Moving from Children’s Services to Adult Social Care and planning your future is called ‘transition’.

  • Preparing for Adulthood 

    Leicestershire County Council's vision is that young people with SEND in Leicestershire are prepared for a successful adulthood and their voice is heard.

  • How your voice can be heard  

    There are lots of ways that you can and should have your views listened to.

  • Budgeting for young people  

    As a young person, you may want to manage your own affairs and care so that you can be more independent.

  • Benefits and financial help for disabled young people 

    You may be able to claim benefits or get financial help.

  • Housing for learning and physically disabled people 

    There are many different types of housing for a young person or adult with special educational needs, mental ill health or a disability (SEND). You can have continuous care, live in someone else's home or get help to live on your own or with friends.

  • Careers, jobs and training 

    You can get help to find and apply for a job or training. There are training schemes you can go on in Leicestershire.

  • Training through volunteering 

    There are 7 projects in Leicestershire that offer training for long-term unemployed people and people with physical disabilities, learning disabilities and mental health problems.

  • Further education for special educational needs and disabilities 

    When you reach 16 years old, you can choose to go on to get qualifications at a further education (FE) college or sixth form college.

  • Going to university 

    If you’re disabled, you can get extra money and help so that you can study at university.

  • Apprenticeships 

    We offer apprenticeships at County Hall and with other employers throughout the county.

  • E-safety 

    Find out about keeping safe on the internet, who to talk to if you’re worried and how to get out of a bad situation.


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