Preparing for adulthood: careers, jobs and training

Supported internships

On a supported internship you’ll get:

  • a personalised study programme at a further education (FE) or sixth form college
  • a work placement for 6 months or longer at a local employer
  • English and maths skills
  • the chance to study for qualifications
  • a coach who will help you with any problems you have with studying or working

Supported internships are unpaid. You can apply for an Access to Work grant.

Who can do a supported internship

You can do a supported internship if you:

You don’t need to have any qualifications to do a supported internship.

At the end of your internship

At the end of your internship you get either:

  • a job with the employer you did your placement with
  • a job coach to help you look for a job

Find a supported internship

Your college can help you to find a supported internship. Ask your tutor.