Biodiversity is the variety of living things on Earth, whether that’s plants, animals, fungi or other living organisms and the ecosystems they live in.

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Biodiversity and action for nature

In Leicestershire, biodiversity is under threat due to several factors, including:

  • Habitat loss and species loss
  • The introduction of invasive species
  • Exploitation of natural resources and minerals 
  • Poor water and air quality
  • Loss of soils
  • Climate change 

We are one of the poorest counties for biodiversity and conservation value in the UK, as our Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) represent only 2% of the land - compared to the national average of 6%. 

The importance of biodiversity

Conserving and enhancing Leicestershire’s biodiversity helps:

  • Our health and wellbeing – providing spaces we can relax, learn and exercise
  • The local economy – we benefit from the environment as it enables us to produce a variety of food, medicines, and other products. 
  • Environment – it can help to absorb some of these harmful greenhouse gases and reduce the impacts of climate change.  

Make a difference in Leicestershire

  • Make space for nature every day in your garden and homes. The Wildlife Trust and other organisations have many gardening tips on their websites.
  • You can order a discounted compost bin.   
  • Buy products that are visibly sustainably sourced products if you can.
  • Get involved in volunteering and encourage others to do their bit for nature. 

Our role in protecting biodiversity

The Action for Nature document and delivery plan sets out a strategic approach to biodiversity, habitat, and the local environment for the county council. 

The Leicestershire biodiversity action plan is a partnership document that outlines the priorities in the county and sets out a programme of action to improve biodiversity.