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Planning permission

We deal with planning applications that relate to minerals, waste planning or our own developments.

Report a planning breach

We do not investigate anonymous complaints so it's important that you provide your contact details.

This information is treated in confidence if requested and will not normally be disclosed without first asking your permission.

We will need to know:

  • details of the alleged breach
  • when the breach happened
  • names and addresses of the persons or company you think may be breaching planning regulations, including telephone numbers, if possible
  • your name and address, including contact number

After receiving a complaint

We will:

  • respond to complaints and where appropriate carry out investigations
  • enter land when investigating alleged breaches of planning control
  • monitor to identify potential problems and attempt to resolve them in the first instance through negotiation and by referring to the terms of the planning permission if there is one
  • try to remedy breaches in planning control without the need for formal action

We will work with other agencies such as the Environment Agency  and other councils,  to secure an efficient outcome to any breach in planning control.

We have Rights of Entry

An authorised officer of the County Council has the right, under the Planning Acts, to enter land when investigating alleged breaches of planning control.  Any person who prevents an authorised officer gaining access to land may be held liable to prosecution.

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