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We are taking the necessary immediate and longer-term steps to support and protect residents, staff and partners. Our focus is on keeping critical services running, particularly those supporting vulnerable people.

Find out more about the support and guidance available, and any changes to our services.

Advice and support on Coronavirus (Covid-19) 

Planning permission

We deal with planning applications that relate to minerals, waste planning or our own developments.

Where to get planning permission

We are responsible for dealing with applications which relate to:

  • Mineral development eg quarrying
  • Waste developments eg landfill sites
  • Council's own developments 

Search planning applications for mineral, waste and county council developments

We don't deal with applications for:

  • householder eg extensions
  • residential eg housing estates
  • commercial eg offices or shops

Contact your District Council (local planning authority).

Your District Council may also be able to advise you of other types of developments including conversions, and business developments.

For planning queries or if you're unsure about applying

  • Contact the council’s planning team to get a definitive answer:
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