Our ambitions – a tree for every person

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Leicestershire is one of the least wooded areas of the country, currently around 6% woodland – well below the national average of 10%. 

Our ambitions is to make Leicestershire greener;  boost biodiversity; and become a net zero county by 2045. We will help to plant 700,000 trees – a tree for every person who lives in the county, vastly increasing its tree cover. 

This has already started to improve, thanks to the National Forest which has increased forest cover in the north west corner of the county to 21%. This is a success story which we are keen to replicate elsewhere; in towns, villages, on farms, country parks and open spaces and embedded in the design of new housing and employment developments. 

The tree planting will also support the county council’s pledge to become a net zero (carbon neutral) county by 2045, as trees and woodlands play an important part in cleaning up the environment, providing clean air, improving soil quality and reducing flooding. 

Trees and woodlands enhance our quality of life: they support wildlife, help combat climate change and add beauty to our towns, villages and countryside. But they face unprecedented challenges. We want to protect and enhance Leicestershire’s trees and woodlands so that they will continue to benefit future generations. 

The need for increased tree cover, both globally and locally, is well documented as a major action to mitigate climate change and we are determined to take action now to ensure future generations can enjoy the wide-ranging benefits brought by trees and woodlands. 

Leicestershire County Council currently provides a free tree scheme for farmers and landowners and works closely with the Woodland Trust to offer tree packs for planting projects including the new hedgerows and the creation of new woodlands.

This website also contains planting advice, information about visiting woodlands and how else you can get involved.