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Pension account online service access

Use this site to access data straight from your pension record and view payslips and P60s


Our Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC) provider


The national website for the Local Government Pension Scheme


The Local Government Pension Scheme regulations


The Local Government Employers provide information and solutions on pay, pensions and employment issues

Modification Orders

Information applicable to all public sector bodies who come under the same redundancy rules as Local Government, including redundancy entitlement, accepting a new job and turning down an alternative offer of employment.

Teachers Pension Scheme


The Department of Work and Pensions supports government policies and strategies that affect people who receive benefit, people who need help to get work ,disabled and older people and people who get the State Pension.

Direct Gov

Government approved advice on a number of issues.

The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS)

The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS) is an independent non-profit organisation that provides free information, advice and guidance on the whole spectrum of pensions, including state, company, personal and stakeholder schemes.

State Pensions and Retirement Planning

This site is the first stop for anything to do with your state pension, including how to get a state pension forecast.

State Pension Age calculator

If you are not sure of your state pension age, you can check using this state pension age calculator produced by the Pension Service.

Pension Tracing Service

Pension Service scheme for tracing lost pension entitlements

Citizens Advice Bureau

Pension wise

To find out more about free, impartial guidance from the Government.  For members who are considering transferring their pension benefits from the LGPS to another (non public sector) pension provider.

The Pensions Regulator

Find out about pension rules, workplace pensions, and pension scams.

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