Parents and carers

Parents and carers are valuable influences for young people when they are making decisions about their future plans.

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How you can help

As a parent/carer you can support your child to explore their future plans.

If you aren’t sure what is available, UCAS gives information specifically aimed at parents and carers about the post-16 education and training opportunities.

Years 8 – 11

  • Whilst at school encourage your child to talk to careers professionals and teachers about their future career plans
  • Discuss their career ideas, favourite subjects, interests, skills and personal qualities
  • Support them by finding out about their options by attending parents’ evenings, school/college open days and career events
  • Talk about expectations and help them to consider back-up plans
  • Support them in exploring options after Year 11 such as apprenticeships, college, sixth form or training
  • Support them in making applications, ensuring they meet any deadlines and attend all their interviews

Contacting you

We have a statutory duty, on behalf of the government, to collect and record whether a young person is in education, training or employment.

We may contact you or your child about this – either by phone, e-mail, letter, text or a home visit.

If you want to let us know what their current situation is – get in touch, our telephone number is 0116 305 6620.

Financial Information

Child Benefit

When your child finishes Year 11, your financial circumstances may change.

If your child goes into full-time education or training and you don't tell HM Revenue, your child benefits may stop.

If your child isn't in full-time education or training, you may qualify for extended Child Benefit for up to 20 weeks.

See the government guidelines

You can contact HM Revenue and Customs about this.

National Insurance Number

Your child will need their National Insurance Number when they leave school to move on to college, training or an apprenticeship. Make sure they keep it safe.

Your child will usually receive their National Insurance Number just before their 16th birthday.

If they didn’t get one or have lost it, they can apply online or by telephoning 0300 200 3500.

16 – 19 Bursary Fund/Learner Fund

Your child may be eligible for financial support to help them remain in learning. This depends on your circumstances.

Your child’s college or training provider can give you more advice.

Further advice and guidance

Contact Citizens Advice LeicesterShire if you would like to talk to someone about which benefits and financial help you could claim.