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How Work and Skills Leicestershire can help you

If you are a Leicestershire resident, looking for help finding work, gaining skills and enrolling on training, Work & Skills Leicestershire is for you. 

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Who we can help

We can help if you are: 

  • unemployed
  • at high risk of redundancy or have been made redundant
  • returning to work after a period away 
  • from a BAME community
  • diagnosed with a mental health issue or physical disability 
  • someone who has never been employed
  • a college leaver or university graduate
  • agency staff on zero hours or a temporary contract 
  • looking to retrain or reskill 

Your situation may fit into these criteria, but don’t worry if it doesn’t. It’s very likely we can still help, and would encourage you to contact Work & Skills Leicestershire.

What we can help you with

Our qualified personal advisers offer an impartial and professional advice service to support you on a one-to-one basis. 

We’ll get to know you and your ambitions and put together a tailored work plan, with clear targets and steps to help you reach them. We can also help you to develop a 12-week plan to help you start your journey to training or employment. 

We can help with things like:

  • CV writing skills
  • cover letter writing skills
  • job search
  • learning, training or volunteering opportunities
  • interview techniques
  • digital training
  • self-employment advice and business support

We can also work directly with employers who may be in the unfortunate position of making redundancies and want to support their staff to find new employment. 

Our online support

For more information on how we can help you, and to use our online tips and advice, please visit Work & Skills employment and career support

Work & Skills Leicestershire contact form 

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