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We’re looking for Independent Visitors who can spare a few hours a month to make a big difference to a young person in care.

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An Independent Visitor is someone a young person can establish a relationship with outside of their foster or residential home, who can be a consistent figure in their lives.

You may go bowling, to the cinema or somewhere completely different, but the benefit to the young person is having an adult who is there for them, to listen, support and encourage them during their time in care and often beyond this time.

For some children in care, all the adults around them are professionals such as Social Workers and Foster Carers.

As an Independent Visitor, you cannot be:

  • an elected member or partner/spouse of the local authority (or any committees or sub-committees) responsible for the child in care
  • employed by, or a spouse of, someone employed by Childrens Social Care
  • an employee, patron or trustee of an associated organisation (such as an independent fostering agency)

You would be a volunteer but agreed expenses are paid. Volunteers must be able to drive and have access to their own vehicle.

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We’ve seen trust and confidence grow over the years… it feels good to make a difference to someone else, however small a part of their life we are.


My #1 motivation was to make a real difference to a young person who really needs your help.


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