Help for children and families

About our service

Family Help is the new name for the Children and Family Wellbeing Service. Family Help provides targeted early help to families – and when needed, Child in Need services.

We provide early help services to families, where they're experiencing difficulties that can't be supported by universal services such as schools or GPs alone.

We provide a wide range of support for you and your family (see our pages below). Sometimes, if needs are more complicated, we'll work with social workers to make sure your needs are being met. We'll always talk to you about this first.

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Call us for further information

The support we offer is free of charge and can be delivered at a location to suit your situation or online.

Call us on 0116 305 8727 for further details.

Request a service

Professionals making a referral on behalf of a family for Early Help and Social Care Services can complete our Multi-Agency Referral Form

Teen Health 11-19 Service

Young people 11-19 can access this service by completing a Teen Health referral form. For further information, please visit the Teen Health 11-19 Service where the online referral form can be found.

If you are making a self referral

If you, or someone on your behalf, think you would benefit from one of our services, you, or someone on your behalf, can complete our online request a service form. If you're completing it on behalf of someone else, you'll need their consent.

You'll have up to 60 minutes to complete it. We'll ask you what's been tried before, and details such as full name, date of birth and name of school.

Volunteer Hugh for CFWS

Volunteer with us

We have many volunteering opportunities throughout the service from running stay and play groups, to assisting in reducing offending.

Whatever your skills, knowledge and life experiences, you'll have some valuable assets that would be useful to our service.

More about volunteering