SEND Support from Family Help

If you think your child requires special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) support, there are lots of organisations that can help with this, including the Family Help Service (previously known as Children and Family Wellbeing Service).

The Family Help Service offer families of children and young people, aged 0-25 years with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), various group and personal support, to help with all matters relating to SEND.

The groups and personal support can help with improving different aspects of your lifestyle, from parenting skills and behaviour management, to emotional and physical health and wellbeing.

Information and Support

The SEND Local Offer gives children and young people with SEND and their families, information about help and services in Leicestershire.

Leicestershire's SEND Local Offer consists of the Local Offer WebpagesLocal Offer RoadshowsFacebook pageSEND News and the Information and Support Directory (previously known as the Family Information Directory - FID).

Support groups

These support groups give you the opportunity to share any difficulties you may be facing with others in a similar situation, and with the service. 

Support groups aimed at young people

SEND 11-16 years, and SEND 16+ Youth groups

Who are the youth groups for

This group is aimed at young people who have a mild to moderate learning need, which may be diagnosed or undiagnosed.

Aims of of the youth groups

Staff support young people to identify the outcomes that they want to achieve through attending the group, and these are worked on within the group.

Although the work is delivered collectively, individuals still have their own needs met.

An assessment is completed alongside a risk assessment to identify if the group would meet their individual needs. They can attend for up to two years.

Support groups aimed at parents or carers of pre-school and primary-aged children

SEND Support Group for Parents

Who this support group is for

These are support groups for parents or carers of pre-school and primary-aged children, who have additional needs, and their children.  

Aims of this support group

Our workers are there to support parents and discuss current issues they are facing. We sometimes have guest speakers, and workers are there to offer support.

Triple P - Stepping Stones

Who is the Triple P support group for

This group is aimed at parents or carers of children up to 12 years old, with a disability.

Aims of the Triple P support group

To learn a broad-based range of parenting skills, manage challenging behaviours, and to promote child development.

One-to-one support

We provide personal support to families to improve different aspects of their lifestyle, such as parenting skills, behaviour management and emotional and physical health and wellbeing.

Support for families

SEND family wellbeing worker

Who this personal support is for

The SEND family support worker will carry out a short break’s assessment to identify the needs of the child for the disabled children’s panel to decide whether the child can be awarded a short breaks package. If further needs are found, then a one-to-one family wellbeing worker may be allocated to explore how best additional support needs can be worked with.

Aims of this personal support

Short breaks assessment to identify needs that will support the child/young person to develop socially and help towards independence and transition towards adulthood.

Further information and requesting a service

For further information on our services, contact details and requesting a service, please visit our Help for children and families home page.