Authorities and local community working together on climate change

An online resource has been created to help Leicestershire groups aim for net zero in their local communities

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Communities across Leicestershire are being given the chance to play their part in tackling climate change and help Leicestershire become a net zero county by 2045.

More support has been made available to parish councils, community groups and residents who want to get involved and make a real difference with the creation of a new easy-to-use toolkit.

The online resource has been developed by the Green Living Leicestershire Partnership, of which Leicestershire County Council is a leading member.

The toolkit aims to provide a starting point for Leicestershire groups to address net zero in their local community and aligns to the Leicestershire Climate and Nature Pact.

Including helpful tips and advice, the toolkit has been designed to help kick-start community action, including guidance on how to identify sources of carbon emissions in their local area, setting clear reduction targets, getting the community involved in supporting initiatives, working with communities and signing up to the Leicestershire Climate and Nature Pact.

We hope this net zero toolkit will be a step in the right direction in supporting parishes and local businesses to reduce emissions and their carbon footprint.

This toolkit is one of many ways we are trying to actively address the issue of climate change, and I want to thank those who have signed the Leicestershire Climate and Nature Pact and encourage other local businesses and communities to get involved.

Leicestershire County Council showcased the toolkit at its annual parish council liaison event last month and also highlighted the work being done to tackle environmental issues.

More information about the net zero toolkit can be found on the Leicestershire Communities website.

More information about the Leicestershire Climate and Nature Pact is available on our Net Zero web pages.

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