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Civic leaders unite to proclaim new King

The ceremony marks the start of King Charles III reign

King Charles III

Senior leaders across Leicester and Leicestershire will come together in a ceremony on Sunday to mark the beginning of the new King’s reign.

On Saturday, the proclamation of the new King will be made at St James’s Palace by the Garter King of Arms and read aloud at the Royal Exchange in London. On Sunday, at noon, it will be read aloud at Edinburgh Castle, Cardiff Castle and Hillsborough Castle in Belfast.

By order of the Accession Council, a duty is conferred on the High Sheriff to make the proclamation in the city and county.

On Sunday at 1pm, in Leicester, the High Sheriff will stand on the steps of the Town Hall with the Lord-Lieutenant, Lord Mayor of Leicester, and Chairman of the County Council to read the proclamation of the King.

Flags which had flown at half-mast since The Queen’s death will be raised briefly to their full height to mark the start of His Majesty’s reign.

HM Lord-Lieutenant of Leicestershire, Michael Kapur OBE, said: “We are all grieving The Queen and the next few days will be a period of collective mourning.

“The reading of the proclamation is a significant moment following The Queen’s death and I am expecting large numbers of people to want to witness this piece of history.

The High Sheriff, Mehmooda Duke MBE, said: “The proclamation of the new sovereign is a very old tradition which can be traced back over many centuries.

“In an age where modern technology will convey news around the globe in an instant, the proclamation is not the means by which people will learn that they have a new Monarch. It will be, however, one of the first occasions when communities have the opportunity to come together and reflect on a moment in our nation’s history when the reign of our longest-serving Monarch ended and our new King succeeded.”

Civic leaders will be joined by faith leaders, representatives of the emergency services, armed forces cadets, and members of the public.

Other local readings will follow around the county, at which the Lord-Lieutenant will be represented by his deputies.


Photo and filming opportunities will be available at the Town Hall in Leicester before and after the proclamation which will start at 1pm on Sunday 11 September.

To arrange an interview with the Lord-Lieutenant or High Sheriff, please contact the county council’s media team.

A video clip of the Lord-Lieutenant’s message of condolence is available at:

The following images are available:

  • Photo of HM Queen Elizabeth II
  • Photo of HM King Charles III
  • Photo of HM Lord-Lieutenant of Leicestershire, Mike Kapur OBE

A timetable of local services and events is below:

Friday 9 September



Books of Condolence opened at County Hall, Leicester Town Hall and St Martin’s House. There is also an online Book of Condolence on the county council’s website  


10am on

Saturday 10 September


Civic leaders will lay wreaths at Green Dragon Square in Leicester

Noon on Saturday 10 September 


Cathedral and church bells across the city and county will toll at noon


6.30pm on Saturday 10 September 


A service of thanksgiving will be held at St Mary de Castro Church in Leicester.


Our communities will come together in a unified expression of grief.


1pm on Sunday 11 September


The Proclamation will be read in Town Hall Square in Leicester by the High Sheriff


5.30pm on Sunday 18 September


A special service will be held at St. James the Greater to give thanks for the life of The Queen.


This service will have a large invited congregation but with spaces for the public.


Please visit Leicester Cathedral for details of how to attend.


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