Don’t miss your chance to help us make space for nature as deadline approaches

Surveys close on Sunday 26 May

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People are being urged to have their say on how best to protect and improve nature as the deadline for two surveys approaches.

 The ambitious new Local Nature Recovery Strategy is being developed for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland to protect nature and allow it to recover by preserving and improving habitats and biodiversity.

Two Making Space for Nature surveys for the public and organisations were launched to capture a wide range of views, ideas and suggestions on how nature can be improved and helped to recover across the area.

Details about action already being taken to help nature and ideas for the future can now also be pinned onto an interactive map.

So far, the surveys have received more than 750 responses – but time is running out for people to have their say, as the surveys close on Sunday 26 May.

Responses are welcome from everyone, but survey organisers would particularly like to hear from under 18s and their parents, people aged between 18 and 34, people of non-white heritage, and residents of Leicester city, Oadby & Wigston, North West Leicestershire, and Hinckley & Bosworth.

The Local Nature Recovery Strategy is an extremely important project which will help nature and people thrive across Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland.

I’m delighted that we’ve had more than 750 responses from people and organisations, but would like to see even more before the surveys close on 26 May. We’d particularly like to hear from some areas and groups which are under-represented so far.

Hearing from as many groups and individuals as possible to contribute to the strategy is crucial, so we can identify locations that will benefit most. There’s even a new at-a-glance interactive map that can be used to add ideas and actions.

All the views and ideas we receive from the Making Space for Nature surveys will contribute to the development of the strategy, which we will work up with our partners and consult people on before it is published in the summer of 2025.

Don’t miss out on a chance to have your say on this vital piece of work which will have a huge impact on the future natural environment of Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland.

Leicestershire County Council has been appointed as the ‘responsible authority’ to lead on the development of the strategy, working closely with the other local authorities, key stakeholders in land management, and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

Organisations including landowners, farmers, parish councils, environmental and nature groups, as well as the public, are being asked to have their say to help draw up the priorities to be included in the strategy, which will identify locations to create or improve habitat and to provide the greatest benefit for nature and the wider environment.

The other partners helping to oversee the development of the strategy are Leicester City Council, Rutland County Council, the seven Leicestershire district councils, Environment Agency, Forestry Commission, Natural England, and The National Forest Company.

The surveys can be found on our website, and you can find out more information about the Local Nature Recovery Strategy.

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