Join the Gadgeteers for this year’s Summer Reading Challenge

Children can have fun and collect rewards for reading books

Summer Reading Challenge 2022

A call has gone out for children aged between four and 12 to become Gadgeteers and explore science in a fun way by taking part in this year’s Summer Reading Challenge.

The challenge, run by Leicestershire County Council’s Libraries Service, allows children to collect rewards for reading books.

It’s free to join and runs until Saturday 10 September in all Leicestershire libraries, including community-managed libraries.

For this year’s challenge, The Reading Agency has partnered with the Science Museum Group to create ‘Gadgeteers’. This special science-themed challenge aims to inspire children to use their curiosity and creativity to discover the science behind the everyday activities they enjoy – whether that be baking, making music or whatever they love doing.

Children set their own reading targets and collect rewards as they work their way through their chosen books over the summer holidays.

The aim of the Summer Reading Challenge is to encourage children to read whatever makes them happy, including library books, eBooks and eAudiobooks or books from home – and to have fun while they do it! Once a child has read six books and visited a library three times, they will receive a certificate and a unique wooden medal for completing the challenge.

There will be range of ‘Gadgeteer’ events taking place at libraries across Leicestershire during the Summer Reading Challenge. Full details of the events are available from local libraries and on our website.


The Summer Reading Challenge plays a huge role in supporting young children to read for pleasure. Over the summer holidays it’s very easy for a child’s reading and development to dip when they are not at school every day following their usual routine. Getting involved in the challenge allows children to keep up with reading while taking part in something fun.


All children taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge are entitled to free admission to Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre and the 1620s House & Garden at Donington le Heath by showing their Gadgeteers poster at the admission point (one child per full–paying adult).

Leicestershire Libraries offer an opportunity to access the huge range of books available, including with the library’s digital reading app and the use of smart libraries for those who cannot attend during staffed hours.

To find out more about the digital library, or download titles for free, visit our digital library.

Children can sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge at any time throughout the summer at any library or online at the Summer Reading Challenge 2022 website.

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