Leicestershire’s take on Christmas ad aims to encourage more people to foster

Our version features a young person snaking his way through the skatepark while wearing a ‘Fostering Leicestershire’ t-shirt

Fostering skateboard graphics

A Christmas advert that has touched people’s hearts and opened up conversations about fostering has been given a unique Leicestershire take.

A TikTok video of a young person completing tricks on his skateboard has been inspired by this year’s festive offering from John Lewis, and now features on Leicestershire County Council’s Why foster with us? page and social media channels.

The retailer’s ad features the touching but bruising efforts of a new foster dad learning to skateboard so he can have something in common with his new foster daughter.

The county council version features a young person snaking his way through the skatepark while wearing a ‘Fostering Leicestershire’ t-shirt. It also displays messages about fostering locally.

The John Lewis advert has really sparked a response from people and has highlighted a very real and serious issue. There is a shortage of carers to provide safe and loving homes for children and young people in need of them.

We were inspired to do our own take on the video because that need is just as pressing here in Leicestershire. We have nearly 700 children in care in our county, more than ever before, so we need to be encouraging conversations about fostering, children in care, and how people can help.

It’s important to remember, while fostering holds significant interest this Christmas, when the tinsel is put away, there are still hundreds of looked-after children here.  So please, if you feel inspired by the conversation this Christmas, make the first step, and find out more by sending us an informal enquiry, or join one of our ‘Find out About Fostering’ events.

The video carries the message:

‘There are nearly 700 children in care, in Leicestershire, this Christmas.

Could you help, just one of them?

Through all of the twists, and turns of your fostering journey… Our team, at Leicestershire County Council, will be there to take care of you.

We welcome foster carers from all walks of life. We are family.’

To find out more about being a foster carer, visit FosteringLeicestershire.com , text WEAREFAMILY to 60777, or call 0116 305 05 05. Alternatively, join one of our 'Find Out About Fostering' events

The council’s fostering recruitment team is there to chat to people who are thinking about fostering and wondering how it could work for them. There is no pressure to progress, they will give prospective carers the information they need to help them decide if fostering is right for them.


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