Major green scheme plants more than 100,000 trees

It's a major step towards ambition to plant 700,000 trees

Councillor Blake Pain plants a tree

Ambitious plans aiming to secure a greener future for Leicestershire have reached a major milestone – with more than 100,000 trees planted in the last year.

The landmark signals progress in Leicestershire County Council’s drive to plant one tree for every person in the county.

The authority supports the initiative by planting trees directly, applying for funding or giving away tree planting kits and is thanking residents for getting on board.

Councillor Blake Pain, cabinet member for environment and the green agenda, said: “This is a great moment for the county as we mark this milestone.

“The benefits of trees and woodlands are huge, ecologically, environmentally and socially. The target of 700,000 trees is still a long way off, but I’m delighted we’ve got off to a flying start and would like to thank everyone who has helped us on the way to our bold target.”

More information on the council’s tree ambitions and an interactive map showing the number of trees planted is available on our trees pages.

The tree planting season normally runs from mid-November to around early March, though this is dependent on location and type of tree. This allows for planting when the tree remains dormant, increasing the saplings’ chances of survival.

Leicestershire is one of the least wooded areas of the country with currently around 6% woodland – well below the national average of 10%.

Trees and woodlands play an important part in cleaning up the environment, providing clean air, improving soil quality, and reducing flooding.

The tree planting will also support the council’s pledge to become a net zero carbon neutral county by 2045.

Leicestershire County Council currently provides a free tree scheme for farmers and landowners and works closely with the Woodland Trust to offer tree packs for planting projects.

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