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Three schemes for 2020, aimed at tree disease recovery for farmers and rural landowners to plant trees, woodland and hedges on land in the countryside to replace those that may be lost to tree diseases

Trees and hedges for new planting

All schemes are open to applications – individuals and groups can apply to more than one scheme for each site.

Free landscape trees? See our free tree replacement scheme which offers standard feathered trees around 1.5-2m in height for planting in fields, parks and the wider landscape.

For a new native hedgerow (>100m) see MOREhedges

Leicestershire County Council and Woodland Trust

In partnership with the Woodland Trust, we offer a range of schemes to suit different requirements and work in together to encourage new woodland and tree planting across Leicestershire.

Free tree packs

We will be giving away 200 tree packs each year. To encourage trees to grow outside of woodlands such as on public open space, schools, field corners, parkland and to fill gaps in hedgerows.

Each pack contains 45 native trees (15 each of oak, crab apple and hazel supplied as 40-60cm whips) with 1.2m tubes and stakes. Deadline for applications: 31 October 2022.

Recipients of Tree Packs will be expected to collect the packs from Beaumanor Hall on either 30 November 2022 or 22 February 2023. When you register for a pack, further details will be made available.

You can apply for up to 2 free tree packs on the Woodland Trust website.

Free hedge packs

If you’re planning to plant a new native hedgerow with hedgerow trees or fill in gaps to existing hedges, then this scheme can support your project. Each pack is enough to create a new hedge of 50m length at 5 plants per metre.

Each pack contains a mix of native shrubs (hawthorn, hazel, blackthorn, field maple, dog rose) and a small number of oaks to be planted as future boundary trees.

Please note, private gardens and new hedgerows that are part of a planning condition are not eligible for this scheme. Application details are listed below.

You can apply for up to 2 free hedge packs on the Woodland Trust website.

If you have any queries regarding the Free Tree packs or Free Hedge packs, please email


MOREwoods is the Woodland Trust’s large scale woodland creation support scheme If you’re planting a new native woodland of >0.5ha (1.25acres) in size, then this scheme can support your project with advice and funding. You can read more about the scheme and apply for MOREwoods on the Woodland Trust website.

Thanks to LCC’s partnership with the Woodland Trust, landowners in Leicestershire can qualify for an enhanced subsidy for this scheme. On a ‘self-plant’ scheme, 90% of the cost of trees and on-tree protection will be subsidised. On schemes over 1ha, there is also a contractor-planted option where 75% of the cost of the trees, protection and planting will be subsidised.


All applicants are responsible for planting the trees, either yourselves or using a contractor. Advice can be given by the Woodland Trust.

Making the application

Please email with your name and contact details or call 0330 333 5303, making sure you quote: Leicestershire County Council tree (or hedges), as required.

You can also make an application at

If you are a member of a community group, parish council or school you can apply for free trees from the Woodland Trust at