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Free replacement trees

An ongoing free tree scheme for farmers and rural landowners across the county, as part of our tree planting initiative. Parish, councils and schools can also apply.

The scheme aims to replace trees that have been removed or lost in rural areas as a result of:

  • storm damage
  • disease and decline
  • tree and hedge removal

We supply the trees and planting materials. The landowner collects the trees and does the planting and aftercare.

We prefer planting sites near to main road corridors, but will consider any site on rural land visible to the public, such as:

  • hedgerows
  • field boundaries
  • field corners
  • parkland areas

The scheme doesn’t cover private gardens or the National Forest area. There are tree planting grants available from the National Forest Company

If you would like to apply for a free tree, please complete the application form in the free trees leaflet.

Return your application along with a map of your proposed planting site to:

Leicestershire County Council
Forestry Group
County Hall