Yellow weather warning in place for the East Midlands

With a yellow weather warning in place for the East Midlands, be flood aware with our weather advice

Flooded road with warning sign

We’re encouraging residents and businesses to be ‘flood aware’ as a yellow weather warning across the East Midlands has been put in place for Tuesday (24th October).  

Prepare for the weather:   

  • Report a flood on our website 

  • Sign up for flood alerts on the Gov website – and keep up to date with warnings through social media sites and your local radio station 

From Friday to Monday, we had over 200 reports of flooded roads and fallen trees. Our 10 highway crews were out around-the-clock working to help with these reports. If you have been affected by the weather in your area, we strongly encourage you to report it to our team via email, or through our ‘Report It’ form

We are also advising locals not to take risks and never drive or walk through flood water. If a road sign or flood boards are in place, these are there to keep residents safe and should not be moved.  

After severe weather, it is also a good idea to check on vulnerable neighbours and review your insurance policy to make sure you’re covered for flooding.  

️If you want to report a blocked or damaged gully, you can do so on our website. 

If you need sandbags or assistance with housing and shelter, please contact your local district or borough council. 

Councils, emergency services and the NHS work together to help people prepare for flooding – and to stay safe. Read more on our emergency flood advice. 

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