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Apply for a visitor parking permit

If you live in a designated restricted parking area in Leicestershire, you can apply for a visitor or trade parking permit. Your request for a permit will then be considered against our criteria.

Residents in a 'permit holder only' zone in the city will need to get a visitor or contractor parking permit from Leicester City Council. 


Any resident (with or without a vehicle) with an address within one of the designated restricted parking zone areas is eligible for consideration for a visitor or trade parking permit (exclusions may apply), subject to the restrictions in the 'Operation of permit parking' document.

Operation of permit parking document  Opens new window

Restricted parking zones

There are restricted parking zones in the following areas: 

  • Anstey
  • Loughborough
  • Melton Mowbray
  • Market Harborough
  • Narborough
  • Oadby and Wigston

To find out if your property is in one of these restricted parking zones, please see this list of zones. 

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The following zones don't have visitor parking:

Loughborough: zone 7

Oadby and Wigston: zones 42 and 43  

How permits are allocated and used

We treat all applications on a first come first served basis, and will not enter into discussions or provide advice in cases where there are conflicts between residents.   

If a single property has been converted to several properties this does not guarantee that each new property will be eligible for a permit.

Allocation is based on per property rather than per person:

  • Visitor parking permits: 2 books of 10 daily permits, per calendar month, non-transferable, vehicle specific
  • Daily trade parking permit: 4 books of 5 daily permits, per year, transferable, non-vehicle specific
  • Long-term trade parking permit: single permit for a specified time period, 4 weeks per year, transferable, vehicle specific

You cannot buy more than the allocation in the specified time period but you can save them up to use at any time.  

For example, you cannot buy more than 2 books of 10 daily visitor parking permits, per calendar month, per property, but you can use more than 2 books per property in a calendar month if you’re expecting a lot of visitors. 

Your visitors will need to ensure that civil enforcement officers can clearly see their permit for it to be valid.  They are not exempt from the parking restrictions, even if you have submitted an application but do not have the permit yet.

    Cost of permit

    Cost for different visitor parking permits:

    • Visitor parking permits: 1 book of 10 daily permits - £10 per book (equivalent to £1 per day for one vehicle) 
    • Daily trade parking permit: 1 book of 5 daily permits - £10 per book (equivalent to £2 per day for more than one vehicle)
    • Long-term trade parking permit: single permit for a specified time period - £10 per week (Monday to Saturday, or pro-rata per part week - also transferable)

    You’ll be contacted by a member of the residents' parking team from a withheld number within 5 days of your application being submitted. If your application is successful, we'll take payment over the phone.

      When to apply 

      You'll need to apply for your visitor parking permit at least 5 days in advance of your visitor requiring parking, to allow enough time for processing and delivery.

      How to apply 

      You can apply for a visitor or trade visitor parking permit online.

      If you have previously applied for a visitor parking permit or have a residents parking permit for the address, then you'll just need to provide your name, address and phone number and select the type and quantity of permit that you need.

      If you haven't previously applied for a visitor parking permit or have a residents or business parking permit for the address, then you'll need to upload one of the following documents to prove that you live at that address.

      You only need to upload proof of residency on the first occasion you apply for a permit for your property.

      A copy of one of the following to prove residency: 

      • A tenancy agreement (preferred for student accommodation) - to include the following information:
      • A utility bill - gas, electricity or water (not a phone bill), to include property address, dated within the last 3 months 
      • A council tax demand, dated within the last 3 months
      • A bank statement, dated within the last 3 months
      • A mortgage statement, dated within the last 3 months
      • A letter from a solicitor, confirming the date of completion and exchange

      A copy of the following if applying for a long-term trade visitors permit:

      • proof of works being carried out, e.g. an estimate / quote from a contractor on letter heading paper

      Apply online for a visitors or trade visitors parking permit  

      You can also call the Resident parking team on 0116 305 5442 to request visitor or trade visitors parking permits between 10am and 3.30pm. 

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