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Parking schemes in Leicestershire

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Permit parking zones help people who live and work in busy areas park close to their home or business.

The area may be busy due to:

  • Too many cars and not enough spaces
  • Visitors to a town centre
  • Commuters parking near a railway station

Places are not exclusively reserved for permit holders, but permit holders may park, without restriction, in the resident parking bays in any of the streets within their designated zone(s).

There are 3 types of permit parking:

Residents Preferential

  • Allows residents with permits to park in the designated parking zone without restriction
  • Allows non-permit holders to park for a limited period of time, usually between 30 minutes and two hours

Residents Only

  • Allows only residents with permits to park in the designated parking zone

In general, parking zones only operate during the working day, although some are in operation 24 hours. Please refer to the parking sign in your street.

Workplace Parking

  • Workplace parking is used in business or industrial parks where the demand for parking is greater than the number of spaces available

Permit parking schemes 

We have permit parking schemes in Anstey, Ashby, Loughborough, Melton Mowbray, Market Harborough, Narborough and Oadby and Wigston. 

Operation of Permit Parking

For further information on the operation of permit parking please see our document.

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