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Change of vehicle

If you change your vehicle before your residents' or business parking permit expires, you'll need to apply for a replacement permit.

Cost for vehicle change on parking permit

If you're able to provide evidence that you have a current parking permit that can no longer be used, then the replacement parking permit will cost £10.

If this is not possible, then you can contact the Residents parking team by calling 0116 305 5442 or by emailing . If they decide that you need to apply for a new parking permit, then this will cost you £50.

How to apply 

You can apply online for a replacement parking permit if you change your vehicle before your residents or business parking permit expires.

Before you apply

You'll need to use a visitors parking permit while you wait for your replacement.

You'll receive your replacement permit within 3 to 5 days to the address that you require the permit for. 

Documentation you need to upload to the online form:

  • a scanned image or photo of your existing residents or business parking permit ripped into 2 pieces to show it can no longer be used
  • the new vehicle registration document (see Apply for a parking permit for further details)

Apply online for a change of vehicle to your parking permit  

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