Highway record enquiry

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Please email all requests to hre@leics.gov.uk

Following receipt of a quote, please use our online service to make payment. If you are unable to pay by card, please contact us to request an invoice.

We cannot accept requests to prioritise or expedite enquiries, and you are advised to make any enquiries as early as possible.

Request a quote

Your request should include:

  • a written description of the enquiry location
    (eg land on the north side of County Hall, Glenfield, LE3 8RA)
  • a plan which clearly identifies the area of enquiry
    (eg Land Registry Official Title Plan or Development Location Plan)
  • written confirmation of your specific enquiries
    (eg highway extents, traffic schemes, building and improvement lines)

We aim to provide a quote within 2 working days of receiving your request.

Send your request to us via email only (below).


Please note that due to a higher than usual workload across the team, we are unlikely to be able to provide a full response within our usual target of 10 working days at present. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by a delayed response, and thank you for your patience while we work hard to respond to all outstanding enquiries as soon as possible.

HM Land Registry