Local authority searches (Local land charges & Con29)

What is a local authority search

A full local authority search is usually carried out when buying a property. A standard search includes 2 parts:

  1. An extract from the Local Land Charges Register (Form LLC1) 

The Local Land Charges Register (LLCR) holds information about a property, such as:

  • Restrictions
  • Prohibitions
  • Financial requirements 
  1. A set of standard enquiries of local authorities (Forms CON29 and CON29O)

CON29 is a set of standard enquires, which are usually made when buying a property, these include matters such as:

  • Major road proposals
  • Traffic schemes
  • Road adoption status

CON29O is a set of further optional enquiries which aren’t necessarily made when buying a property but can be included by request. These cover matters such as:

  • Road proposals by private bodies
  • Public rights of way
  • Common land / village green enquiries