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Our response to the coronavirus outbreak is continuing – and our focus is on keeping critical services running, particularly those supporting vulnerable people.

We are currently working through the detail of the latest government announcements which affect Leicester city and parts of the county. 

Find out more about the support and guidance available, and any changes to our services.

Increased restrictions for Leicester and parts of Leicestershire announced 

Local authority searches (Local land charges & Con29)

The local authority search looks at all the information held by the Local Authority about a specific property and is usually done by a conveyancing solicitor on your behalf.

What is a local authority search

A full local authority search is usually carried out when buying a property. A standard search includes 2 parts:

  1. An extract from the Local Land Charges Register (Form LLC1) 

The Local Land Charges Register (LLCR) holds information about a property, such as:

  • Restrictions
  • Prohibitions
  • Financial requirements 
  1. A set of standard enquiries of local authorities (Forms CON29 and CON29O)

CON29 is a set of standard enquires, which are usually made when buying a property, these include matters such as:

  • Major road proposals
  • Traffic schemes
  • Road adoption status

CON29O is a set of further optional enquiries which aren’t necessarily made when buying a property but can be included by request. These cover matters such as:

  • Road proposals by private bodies
  • Public rights of way
  • Common land / village green enquiries

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