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Planning for emergencies if you're a carer

You can make sure the person you care for will receive help and support if you have an emergency.


You and the person you care for may need to decide who can provide replacement care.

Planning in advance can make an emergency easier to deal with if you can’t provide care.
Write down a plan incase of an emergency to include:

  • the name, address and telephone number of the person you care for
  • details of any medication and ongoing treatment
  • doctor’s (GP) details of the person you care for
  • the contact details of someone who can provide help for the person your care for
  • If the cared for person has paid for support, the organisation or person that supports them may be able to help – please check with them before contacting Adult Social Care
  • the contact details of Adult Social Care and the Emergency Duty Team (0116 255 1606) for emergencies that are out of normal office hours

Share your plan with the person you care for, family and friends and social care professionals.

If the person you care for has support that it is paid for - either by themselves or the council - you can talk to the staff about supporting the person in an emergency and include their contact details in your plan.


Support for Carers Leicestershire may help to develop an emergency plan.


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