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Independent financial advice

If you’re planning for your health and care needs for the future, it is important to get appropriate financial advice as you’re usually expected to contribute to the cost of social care.  The cost of care can be high which makes it essential that you get advice on how you can best meet these costs.

Getting advice

Complete the Financial Information and Advice form to find the organisation that can provide you with the most appropriate level of advice.


The advice will be provided by Age UK (Leicester Shire and Rutland) or Affinity Connect.

The organisation will contact you or the person making the enquiry on your behalf (if you’ve given them consent) to discuss your situation.  They’ll explain to you what advice is given for free and what advice you’d need to pay for.


We are not responsible for any information or advice provided by Age UK (Leicester Shire and Rutland) or Affinity Connect.

Seeking advice yourself

If you wish to find your own financial advice we recommend that you use an advisor or company that is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.

Types of advice

Depending on the help and information you need, you can get free advice or more specialist advice.

Free advice

You can talk through your situation and get help to understand any care costs that you may need to pay towards and any benefits you’re entitled to that can help fund your care.

Specialist advice

You usually have to pay to get more specialist advice.  Specialist advice is given by a Regulated Financial Advisor who is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.  They’ll look at your financial situation and find the right products that might help you pay for the costs of your care.

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