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Care Technology

Care Technology (CT, and sometimes referred to as ‘telecare’) is monitoring and alert equipment that can help you to remain independent in your home and in the community.



Please note: due the high level of winter pressures on the Care Technology Service, this referral portal will be temporarily closed to new referrals for the Service  initially until 31 January 2023, when the position will be reviewed.

If you still require a Care Technology Service during this period, please consider the following options:

Monitoring equipment provides you, your carers, family and friends with the reassurance that help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Care Technology covers a wide range of equipment, such as alarm systems, medication dispensers and GPS location trackers. 

Who is Care Technology for?

Our service is designed to offer reassurance and support to anyone, but is of particular value for those who are more vulnerable due to their health or social circumstances.

The Care Technology Service is non-chargeable for all adults who meet the eligibility criteria.

How does Care Technology work?

Your equipment is connected to a monitoring centre via a mobile network or telephone system. You do not need a phone line installed at home in order to be supported.

Mains powered equipment have a battery backup, so that help is available in the event of a power cut.