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Mental health: getting back into the community

If you’re living with or recovering from mental health problems, you can get help to get better and get your life back on track.

Learning for confidence and better mental health

Boost your confidence and improve your mental health and wellbeing on an adult learning course

Drop-in sessions

If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health problem, you can go along to a drop-in session run by Richmond Fellowship, a charity that helps people with mental health problems. You can get:

  • advice and information about how to manage your mental health and where to go for help
  • to talk with someone who has suffered a similar mental health problem (known as ‘peer support’)
  • one-to-one sessions with a member of staff if you need help with a specific problem or you experience a mental health crisis

How to get it

You don’t need to make an appointment. Contact Richmond Fellowship to find out when and where the drop-in sessions are being held.

Richmond Fellowship
Telephone: 0116 262 6337

One-to-one help to get out into the community

You can get one-to-one help from Adult Social Care to get out of your home and take part in social activities. You’ll talk to someone known as an inclusion support worker. They’ll help you to:

  1. work out what you want to do
  2. find out where you can do these things
  3. go with you to introduce you to the activities

How to get it

You can refer yourself for the one-to-one help (known as the ‘Inclusion Support Service’) by contacting Adult Social Care or ask one of these people to refer you:

  • your doctor (GP) or the ‘practice therapist’ in your doctor’s practice
  • your psychiatrist
  • a member of hospital staff involved in your care eg psychologist
  • your social worker
  • a community (district) nurse
  • the care coordinator of a care agency if you’re getting care at home

If you refer yourself, Adult Social Care will contact your doctor (GP) or other professionals involved in your care to get more information about your mental health.

Adult Social Care (Leicestershire County Council)
Telephone: 0116 305 0004

Get advice on available services

You can get advice on available services and self-help groups from LCPT (formerly Leicestershire Community Projects Trust):

Set up your own support group

Get help from the Richmond Fellowship to set up your own support group if you’ve suffered from mental health problems.

Five steps to feeling happier

Try the five steps we can all take to improve our mental health 

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