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Child protection and safeguarding

little girl cuddling an adult

What to do if you think a child is being neglected or abused.

Keeping children safe

Hear about the wide range of ways that we keep children safe, on our blog

  • School attendance 

    School attendance responsibilities and advice about non-school attendance.

  • Children and Family Wellbeing Service (CFWS) 

  • Report abuse or neglect of a child 

    Phone 999 if a crime is being committed or if a child is in immediate danger. Contact Leicestershire police on 101 if you think a crime has been committed but there is no immediate danger. How to recognise child abuse or neglect and report it.

  • Bullying 

    Find information about who to talk to if your child is being bullied.

  • E-safety 

    Find out about keeping safe on the internet, who to talk to if you’re worried and how to get out of a bad situation.

  • Children missing from education 

    Arrangements for identifying and maintaining contact with children missing, or at risk of going missing, from education.


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