Report abuse or neglect of a child

Find out how to recognise child abuse or neglect and who to contact to report it.


Phone 999 if a crime is being committed or if a child is in immediate danger.

Contact Leicestershire police on 101 if you think a crime has been committed but there is no immediate danger.

Contact our First Response Children’s Duty Team if you think a child is being:

  • neglected
  • physically abused
  • sexually abused

Telephone our First Response Children’s Duty Team if you have urgent concerns about a child who needs a social worker or police officer today:

Call 0116 305 0005 (24 hour phone line)

If you work with children professionally or as a volunteer, please use our:

Multi Agency Referral Form (MARF)

If you’re a friend, relative or neighbour of the child, we ask that you contact our First Response Children's Duty Team on 0116 305 0005 where you will be able to speak to a Social Worker about your worries. The Social Worker will discuss these with you and take as much information as possible.

You will be able to remain anonymous if you wish and a Social Worker will discuss this with you.

Recognise abuse and neglect

The NSPCC lists the signs and effects of:

Talk to a teacher, health visitor or doctor if you’re worried about a child but you’re not sure if they’re being abused or neglected.

Early help for children and young people

Friends and family members can use this form to request services for children, young people and their families who feel they may need some additional support. Please have the necessary information ready. You will have 60 minutes to complete the form:

Request for services form  

If you work with children and their families professionally, please use our Multi Agency Referral Form (MARF) to request Early Help.

Requests for Social Care information from professionals

If you are a professional (e.g. CAFCASS, Probation, Housing, other LA's conducting statutory safeguarding checks, assessments), working with a child/ or adult and you require specific supporting information from children’s social care records or where you need to find out if we hold such information, use the Request for Information form below to make a Statutory Request for Information. This form is only to be used by professional agencies who have a duty to undertake such enquiries as part of their statutory role.

Request for social care information from professionals