Supported Lodgings Plus

The transition to adulthood for some young people, may take a while longer and they may need more support to achieve this. This is why we need Supported Lodgings Plus carers in Leicestershire who can invest their time to help them.

Supported Lodgings Plus | Full-time* | Allowance: £500 per week + mileage | Home based

*People working part-time can be considered.

What is Supported Lodgings Plus?

Supported Lodgings Plus providers offer a room in their home and invest their time in a young person aged 16 and above. They offer help and guidance with things like learning to cook and do their laundry, applying for jobs or college, taking them to interviews, managing money and planning for their future.

If you enjoy working with young people, but know that sometimes, they need additional help and time, then this is the role for you.

SLP+ carers help to prepare young people for adulthood and independence, by developing essential life skills. This support gives the young person an invaluable opportunity to be empowered to make the best choice for themselves and to motivate them to start a career or further studies in an encouraging, safe and supportive environment.

For some young people there is a need to have additional support. This may be due to their developmental/emotional health needs, and they need someone to be more available to them that other young people. You will facilitate appointment’s, support them at interviews, provide company and transport. You will empower and care for them, spending time building their independence skills.

Here’s what our carers have to say:


Harry has really settled well since he came to us. He just needed someone with that extra time to give him really. Not just to give him advice, but to help him actually do what he needed to. That’s where he struggled before. Once we built our relationship and trust, I’ve been able to motivate and support him and now we’re working together like a team. We call ourselves the ‘dream team’ now.


What being a Supported Lodgings + Provider involves

  • Offering support, guidance, and a room in your home to a young person in care aged 16+
  • Investing time in going with them to interviews or college and making sure they get where they need to be
  • Finding opportunities for them to achieve their goals and helping them get there
  • Providing support with tasks such as learning to cook a meal, helping to manage their finances, apply for jobs, finish schoolwork, plan for the future or use public transport
  • What you'll need to be a Supported Lodgings Plus Provider
  • Carers can be in part-time employment but would need to be available to the young person
  • A spare bedroom for sole use of the young person
  • The use of a vehicle and a driving license
  • No children under the age of 16 living in the home
  • A general understanding of (and potentially experience of dealing with) some of the needs and issues facing many young people
  • Patience and a commitment to provide a supportive, encouraging and safe environment

What we offer our Supported Lodgings + Providers

  • £500 allowance per week plus mileage
  • Access to a wealth of training and qualifications
  • Our ‘Virtual school’ educational support
  • Ongoing, regular support from our team

The support from the team is second to none. You are never alone. There is always someone to listen and give support or advice. They offer training, personal development and above all else, support at all times. I have always enjoyed working with young people but felt I never actually had the time to help them do what I had advised them to do. As an SLP+ carer, I do and the results are amazing!


Some young people really struggle to follow advice given and can’t do this alone. They need someone to go along with them on that journey. Once they have started and their confidence builds, the changes are amazing and the reward for your time and commitment is to see them go out into the world as an independent adult.


Virtual information events

To find out more about fostering in general or becoming a Supported Lodgings + provider, why not come to our virtual information events. There is no pressure, you're not committing to anything, and you don't need to be certain at this point, just come along and hear from those who have already taken part about the huge impact it can have. More on our Fostering Facebook page.

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