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Who can foster?

Don’t rule yourself out - count yourself in! Lots of people can foster in so many different ways.

Who can foster?  

Meet current foster carers for Leicestershire at our events.

Fostering events


Why foster with us?

As Leicestershire’s Local Authority, all of the vital support departments are part of our family of services.

Find out why we're first choice for foster carers in Leicestershire.

Why foster with us?

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Supporting you financially in your caring role

Payments and allowances

“Fostering is never just about the money - it’s the reward of making a difference to young lives that counts. However, in reality, we all have bills to pay, so it’s vital that our carers are paid fairly”

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Supporting you on your fostering journey

Thinking of fostering?

Already a foster carer?

Just thinking about fostering and wondering how it could work for you and your family?

We can help.

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Become a foster carer  

Transferring from another fostering agency   

Training and support for foster carers  

Ways to foster

You could make a difference to the lives of Leicestershire’s children and young people, from a few hours to a few years.

See if you could fit fostering into your life.

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Different ways to foster  

Private fostering  

Specialist foster care  

Fostering vacancies  




  • Private fostering

    Foster carer fee boost to be considered

    Council considers increasing fees to foster carers

  • Make a difference to lives of children

    Events at County Hall to find out more

  • Step forward all potential foster carers

    There's an event taking place at County Hall where people can find out more

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