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At Leicestershire county council, we believe that lots of people who live in Leicestershire have the skills, knowledge and experience to become great foster carers – and we would love to talk to you!

adult and child wellies and teddy

If you’ve ever thought about fostering, whether you’re thinking about it for now or in the future, then get in touch. We’ll be able to help you to decide if fostering could fit into your life and provide lots of information too, at your pace.

We consider each person’s interest on an individual basis, so please don’t rule yourself out…count yourself in!

You can be a foster carer regardless of whether you:

  • are single, married or unmarried
  • are of any sexual orientation or gender identity
  • identify as having a disability
  • are employed or receiving benefits
  • have birth children, or not
  • are a home owner, or live in rented accommodation
  • have any ethnic or religious background

You need to be at least 21 years old and but there is no upper age limit to be able to foster. We also ask that you are fluent speaking, reading and writing in English. 


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