Help for young carers

How to tell if you're a young carer

A young carer is someone who is: 

You may be regularly helping a family member – adult or child – who has a: 

  • long-term illness – such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes 
  • physical disability – eg uses a wheelchair, is visually impaired 
  • a neurological condition like ADHD or ASD  
  • mental health diagnosis– like depression
  • Drug or Alcohol problem (this could be an addiction) 

Some of the things you might be helping with could be: 

  • helping someone wash, go to the toilet or get dressed 
  • lifting someone, helping them use the stairs  
  • cooking, doing the housework or going shopping because an adult can’t do it 
  • managing money and paying bills  
  • collecting benefits and prescriptions 
  • giving medication to an adult or sibling 
  • going with someone to the doctor or hospital 
  • look after a brother or sister and make sure they’re safe 
  • translating or interpreting for someone 
  • cheering someone up or helping them when they are feeling down  

Help kids stay fit and healthy

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