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Covid - latest information

Coronavirus restrictions remain in place across the country – here’s the latest information on our services.

You can find more information about current restrictions and what you can and can't do

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Mental health and wellbeing support for children and families

If you think you, or your child, are struggling with your mental health and wellbeing, there are lots of organisations that can offer support, including the Children and Family Wellbeing Service (CFWS).

Support available

You can find information and advice with links to lots of different organisations, such as the NHS and other partner websites, on our get support with mental health and well-being page. 

The Children and Family Wellbeing Service (CFWS)

Children, young people and families, who need further help with their mental health, can attend our confidential groups and one-to-one support to help them improve their wellbeing and lifestyle. 

We offer a variety of packages of support to suit different age groups and situations. They aim to offer a toolkit of resources, advice on self-care and emotional and well-being support. 

Attendance to any of these groups is completely confidential. 

Group offer 

These groups allow children and families to meet and work with others who have had similar experiences. 


One-to-One Support 


All groups provided by our Children and Family Wellbeing Service are free of charge. 


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, some of the groups that are usually delivered at our county-wide centres are currently on hold or delivered online. 

Our one-to-one support is provided online, over the phone, at home or at school. 

For any further information, please call our service. 

 Joining a group or getting one-to-one support 

Families, or someone on their behalf, can request to attend a group or one-to-one support by filling in a self-referral form or by calling our service. 

Professionals can refer a family by using the Multi-Agency Referral Form (MARF)   

Contact details 

Children and Family Wellbeing Service Triage Team 

Telephone: 0116 3058727 


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