The Assistive Technology for Education Support Team (ATfEST)

Assistive Technology for Education Support Team

About us and what we do

The Assistive Technology for Education Support Team (ATfEST) is made up of assistive technology specialists, keyboard and assistive technology practitioners, resource production technicians and audiology technicians. All team members are employed by Leicestershire’s Children and Family Service.

ATfEST works together with all Specialist Teaching Service (STS) teams. Providing integrated and comprehensive support to children and young people in full-time education.

ATfEST can be contacted on the Specialist Teaching Service phone number 0116 3059400 or by emailing

Assistive technology for education

Assistive technology for education supports educational settings and students who have physical, communication and/or sensory difficulties, enabling access to the curriculum using assistive technology.

Keyboard and assistive technology

Keyboard and assistive technology assesses and teaches keyboard and assistive technology skills to children and young people with special educational needs and disability (SEND). Such as keyboard skills and text to speech software where appropriate to aid access to the curriculum and promote inclusion.

Resource production

Resource production produces braille enlarged and/or modified resources and materials to support access to learning for SEND children and young people.

Audiology Technician provision

Audiology Technician provision provides technical support and advice, on a wide range of Personal Amplification Systems & Assistive Listening Devices (ALD) and makes recommendation for specific specialist technology available for the HST, school & parents/carers.

Provides a monitoring visit to ensure that he equipment provided by the Hearing Support Team continues to be suitable, used correctly and in full working order.

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