Moving between nurseries, schools and colleges

Information to help a child with special educational needs and disabilities before they move to another childcare provider, school or college.

Your child’s Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan will go with them when they move to a new nursery, school or college.

Sharing information

It is important to get the transition right for children with additional needs. Transition can be a very unsettling time for all involved and the potential repercussions for a transition that is not carefully planned out, can be detrimental.

Early Years Providers, receiving schools and parents should use the below Transition Document to support with the transition into primary school.

Seeing the new nursery, school or college

The new nursery, school or college should also give you photos of the new classroom and the people your child will be in contact with – e.g. their teacher, teaching assistant and special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCO).

You’ll also be able to visit the new nursery, school or college. Ask your child’s teacher or the SENCO at your child’s nursery or school to help you arrange a visit to the new one.

What you can do

The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities has information about how to help your child move from primary to secondary school.