One-page profile

A one-page profile tells teachers, social workers, health care workers and other professionals about what your child likes and dislikes, what help they need and what is important to them.

You and your child will need to create a one-page profile if your child has an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan or a Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Support Plan.

Your child’s one-page profile can help professionals to understand your child better and make sure they:

  • do things that encourage your child and make them feel comfortable
  • don’t do things that make your child anxious
  • don’t ask your child to do things they can’t do or will refuse to do

What to put in a one-page profile

Your child’s one-page profile should sum up who they are, what help they need and what motivates and interests them. 


You can include information about what your child: 

  • looks forward to each day
  • likes to eat and drink
  • enjoys doing  

You can also include information about what makes them feel comfortable and safe.  


You can include information about what:

  • makes your child feel anxious or unhappy
  • lowers their mood
  • they hate doing
  • they refuse to do


You can include information about:

  • the things your child is good at
  • what gives them confidence
  • the skills they have and whether they feel they are good at them
  • their interests
  • what others say they’re good at


You can include information about:

  • day-to-day activities and circumstances your child finds challenging
  • activities your child finds difficult because of their disability

Get help to create a one-page profile

You can get advice and an independent supporter to help you fill in your child’s one-page profile.

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