Flood risk management

Read our flood risk management strategy and find out about carrying out work on watercourses

Flood risk management strategy

The strategy explains the roles and responsibilities of local authorities, partners and communities in the management of flood risk in Leicestershire. 

We are now designated as a Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) and hold the lead role in local flood risk management. We are required to develop a local flood risk strategy, which you can read below. Working along with flood risk management partners, we will develop this plan with the aim of reducing the impact of flooding in Leicestershire.

Flood risk management policy documents

Preliminary flood risk assessment (PFRA) 

The PFRA gives a summary of flood risk in the county. It includes looking at flooding from the following sources:

  • surface runoff
  • groundwater
  • ordinary watercourses

and any interaction these have with main rivers and the sea.

Surface water management plan

The surface water management plan is used to identify areas where there is a high risk of surface water flooding, which could happen because of heavy rainfall. The plan outlines a preferred strategy for managing the risk of surface water flooding.  

Flood investigations

To increase our understanding of issues and sources of flooding Leicestershire County Council (acting as Lead Local Flood Authority) has carried out  the following investigations into flooding incidents within the county.  Each investigation includes a summary of the issues found, any actions and potential mitigation for a flood.

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