Call to unite in last fortnight of lockdown

Please take as much care as you can, says Covid-19 survivor

Alex, Covid-19 survivor

With two weeks of national lockdown left, a Covid-19 survivor from Leicestershire says ‘it’s down to all of us’ to unite in the fight against the virus. 

Alex, from Loughborough, says he is still ‘having days that are not so good’, even though it’s now six months since he left hospital after spending two weeks on an intensive care ward.

Alex is bravely sharing his experience at the same time as a rallying cry is issued by the county council reminding people there are two weeks to drive down rates across Leicestershire.

The 46-year-old project manager said: “I just want people to take as much care as they can and follow the guidance. I know, for some people, wearing a mask, for example, is uncomfortable, but try being incubated in terms of being uncomfortable. 

“I really wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I’ve been through. I wouldn’t want anyone’s partner or people themselves receiving a phone call saying that their significant other might not come out of hospital – but that was the scenario we were faced with.”

Mike Sandys, the county council's director of public health,  says that bringing down rates to around 150 per 100,000 people is the ballpark figure for the county to leave lockdown in tier one.

He said a rate of 150-200 could tip Leicestershire into tier two and the current rate of around 300 could mean tier three restrictions after 2 December.


Alex’s experience really resonates with me. It’s clear he is still dealing with the effects of having Covid-19 and he’s right that it is down to us all to play our part.

“The advice is pretty clear – if you have symptoms, please get tested. You must book an appointment by contacting 119 or through the website. 

“We know there’s an impact on people’s lives, but we have to keep doing the right thing by staying at home, except for education, work, exercise, medical reasons and food shopping, following a good hygiene regime, wearing a mask and keeping two metres apart. 

“This will help to bring down the numbers. We need to be halving our numbers to give ourselves the best chance of leaving lockdown in tier one.”


Alex added: “I still have days when I’m not so good. I still get breathless. It just means I’ve had to learn to adapt to what I can do.

“It’s also made my fully appreciate the things which are important in life – the things I value the most, such as my family, who this probably affected the most.”

Alex’s story is available here

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People with symptoms are being urged to get a test. They must book an appointment by calling 119 or at

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