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Coronavirus restrictions remain in place across the country – here’s the latest information on our services.

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Concerns in Charnwood as COVID rates increase

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Make sure you're regularly washing your hands

The county council’s director of public health says residents of Charnwood need to remain vigilant as latest figures show a high number of COVID cases across the district.

Figures released today for Charnwood show that coronavirus infections rose above 200 per 100,000 population. The areas where the rates are particularly high include Loughborough and Thurmaston.

The national focus this week has been on a roadmap pointing the way to recovery, but the rate rise in Charnwood is another indicator that there’s no room for complacency.

What’s not entirely clear at this stage what is driving the higher rate so we’re looking at the detail to establish any factors behind the rise in cases.

 One of the approaches we’re taking is to target the hot-spot areas and people will receive a leaflet through their door asking them to stay alert.

I would urge all Charnwood residents to stay vigilant, remembering the watchwords around ‘hands, face, space’ and to stay at home unless you have to go out for an essential reason.

People are also being encouraged to:

  • Take up the offer of a vaccine when it’s offered to you. People aged 64 or over, those who have received a letter saying they are at high risk from coronavirus and eligible front-line health and social care workers can book an appointment via  
  • If you have symptoms such as a high temperature, a new, continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of taste or smell, get a test to check if you have coronavirus
  • Get a rapid COVID test if you can’t work from home, even if you don’t have symptoms
  • Take extra care on public transport or in supermarkets
  • Avoid car sharing, if you can, or take extra safety precautions - Advice for safe car sharing    

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