Ecology boost continues at Beacon Hill Country Park

Ecology initiative to help wildlife to thrive continues

The measures will help wildlife such as Common Lizards

After two successful years creating a thriving environment for nature at Beacon Hill Country Park, visitors are being encouraged to continue supporting Leicestershire County Council’s conservation initiative.

Jewels Hill in the country park was first closed during the peak season in 2021 to help improve the conservation of the fragile heathland and protect wildlife.

Restricting access to the beauty spot in Beacon Hill between 1 April-1 August has been a success, with ecologists monitoring the area seeing the undisturbed grass and vegetation creating small micro-climates ideal for insects, birds, lizards and plant growth.

Last year, the spotted flycatcher, ring ouzel and song thrush birds were observed at Jewels Hill for the first time. These birds have either red or amber conservation status, and with more than 60% of birds spotted in the area identified as species of “conservation concern”, it shows that preservation plans are working well.

The same closure is now being put in place for a third year in a row at Jewels Hill and access will be restricted in the area, which amounts to just three percent of the total area of Beacon Hill.

Councillor Lee Breckon, lead member for property and resources, said: “Protecting the environment and supporting sustainability is becoming more and more important to organisations and individuals across the county.

“It’s extremely rewarding to see one of our most popular country parks benefiting from this initiative, giving nature some space to breathe.

“Bringing back this temporary closure for the 2023 peak season is only going to benefit the area and protect the wildlife which we know will see Jewels Hill’s eco-system continue to thrive.

“I want to thank park visitors for their continued support during this short period and for playing their part in helping to boost the ecology of the area and achieve a more active heathland.”

Beacon Hill welcomes more than 250,000 visitors per year and this year will see events being held on the park that explain more about the Jewels Hill conservation work and the wildlife that attracts so many people every year. 

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