Hubs support thousands of families in the space of a year

Family hubs have supported more than 7,000 families since opening

Group of people standing outside a family hub next to a family hub pull-up banner

More than 7,000 families have been supported since Leicestershire’s first ever ‘Family Hub’ opened its doors just over a year ago.

In 12 months 37 hubs have opened in the county. They have hosted 741 stay-and-play groups, 180 volunteers have given up around 7,000 hours of their time and nearly 43 tonnes of food have been saved from landfill thanks to ‘community fridges’ based at the sites.

Family hubs were established after Leicestershire County Council won nearly £1m of government funding to provide places where families can receive information and support on a range of topics, including parenting, family health, relationships, education and employment. 

Today, there are 37 hubs, including 21 family hub buildings and 16 libraries, as well as a new website which serves as a virtual space where people can access information all in one place.

"It’s only been just over a year, but the hubs are already a hive of activity and making a real difference to family’s lives.

“Teaming up with partner organisations has demonstrated that we can strengthen our support systems by working together. This is just the beginning of what we hope will become a vital source of support for families and communities throughout Leicestershire.”

In the past year numerous projects have been hosted at the hubs to support families, young people, care leavers, adults, parents and carers, children, and communities. 

The hubs have also helped more than 7,000 families through referrals, and more through other schemes. Groups that meet at the hubs include stay and play, SEND carers’ support groups, parents’ wellbeing cafes, youth groups and infant feeding groups.

Next steps include installing public access computers in 20 family hub buildings, so people can access the Family Hubs website which includes information about local family hubs and a what’s on guide for events held at them.

NOTES to editors

Family hubs are places where communities, parents, and carers of children aged between 0 and 19 (or 25 for young people with special educational needs or disabilities) can receive information, signposting, support, and guidance on a range of topics, including parenting, family health, relationships, education, employment, and more. 

A total of 75 local authorities are benefitting from a £300m share of funding from the Government's Start for Life programme to establish family hubs. Leicestershire is one of 12 councils selected out of 84 which bid to share a slice of £12m for this from an additional 'pot' – the Transformation Fund. The council was awarded £944, 763 as part of the Family Hubs and Start for Life Programme.

 Nb the first family hub was opened in Coalville on May 26, 2023

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